Comic Strips

Lightbulb has produced many comic strips, including the current webcomic "Doubt.It". Here's a gallery of our favorites, including both published and previously unseen work. All are now available for syndication

comic strip
The Brain - An Owner's manual

Weekly comic providing a handy guide to the maintenance of that gray squishy thing. Published in Ireland

comic strip
Club Senseless

A full-page comic set in the seedy underground venue Club Senseless, featuring Doubt.It character Sergei and his disturbingly dark cabaret act. Published in the UK

comic strip
Patent Pending

A comic feature on bizarre inventions, published by a UK chemistry magazine

comic strip
Sergei's Solutions

A Guide to life for the single male. Published nationally in Ireland

comic strip
Fresh Science

Advanced science in everyday terms. Unpublished

comic strip
The Way of the Sheep

Some of my early work. A comic about a sheep with a permanent identity crisis. Published in Ireland

comic strip

One-offs, oddities, and stuff I can't squeeze in anywhere else

comic strip
Doubt.It - The Comic

Our flagship strip, Doubt.It has been a long-running webcomic and apeared in print nationwide

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All Images are Copyright 2005 Richard Chapman. They are here as examples only and are not for reproduction or publication under any circumstances.