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KALEMA, with Hugo Claro

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KALEMA is a powerful tidal wave on the shores of Angola. Just as Kalema is created by a constellation of specific elements – waves , wind, moon and tides – so the album Kalema was created by the collision of cultures and genres on the shores of musical exploration. The medieval town of Sintra is a magnet for artists and musicians and is the meeting place of this musical duo. Kalema is an unusual combination of two instruments from very different cultures – classical piano and Portuguese guitar – and two contrasting voices: Maja’s soft and flute-like, Hugo’s powerful and dramatic. The music navigates between Portuguese, flamenco, Celtic, medieval, classical and jazz styles. Their first album Kalema was created against the dramatic backdrop of mareis viveis, the September coastal tidal waves on the Apple Beach or Praia das Macas. The music, shimmering and fluid, surges and swells on tides of emotion, between elation, calm, and melancholy, always dancing. The music is classically lyrical yet imbued with a contemporary vision and the flair of improvisation. Instrumentals are interspersed with songs based on poems.

HUGO CLARO. Portuguese guitarist, singer and composer, Hugo has performed extensively throughout Portugal and has appeared regularly on Portuguese television as a guitarist and vocalist, soloist and band member. An innovator, he takes the traditional ‘fado’ guitar of Portugal to new horizons, exploring flamenco and jazz techniques, music of the renaissance, lute, and the Arabic oud.