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Year-round water safety tips for adults and teachers:

Supervision: Make sure that children involved in water activities are constantly supervised by an undistracted mature adult

Educate: Teach children about the importance of always being accompanied by an adult near water

Water safety & swimming skills: Enroll children in water safety skills or swimming lessons as early as possible

Be prepared for emergency: Have rescue and safety equipment available, learn to swim, and learn how to perform CPR

Be aware of drowning: Get educated about water safety and take all necessary precautions to prevent a drowning accident. Keep in mind that although the majority of drowning and near-drowning incidents occur in pools, drowning can also occur at the beach, in rivers or in a bathtub

Protection & Awarness: In case supervision fails, make sure all entrances to areas of water are locked at all times and inaccessible to young children. Remind children of how dangerous these areas are